10 Most Disturbing Movie Endings Of All Time

Probably don't watch The Mist if you're feeling at all fragile.


Whilst most of us do enjoy good old-fashioned Hollywood happy endings, it's those movies that seek to disturb that seem to stay with us the longest. Understandably, producers are far more content sending their audiences away happy and uplifted opposed to disgusted, horrified or outright shaken.

However, as you’ll see from this list, there are so many cinematic classics that have ended with a gut punch. After all, these are the water cooler moments that have kept people talking about the films over the years. Furthermore, with so many vanilla, clichéd or predictably neat conclusions, it becomes almost refreshing to see a film with the courage to break the mold and really make us feel something.

Ultimately that’s what we watch films for; to feel something. Whether that be laughter, sadness or the feeling of utter disturbance, we have at least been moved in some way. This list is a celebration of the movies that do just that, move us, but not in the conventional way. These are the ones that have no problem making us feel unsettled, uneasy, and genuinely disturbed.

Naturally, as this list deals with film endings, be warned, disturbing spoilers ahead!

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