Being a director is either one of the easiest jobs in filmmaking or one of the most difficult. If you have a great production team then your job will be very easy but a troubled production can make a director’s job a nightmare. If the film turns out to be a disaster the director is always the person who’s blamed whether they deserve it or not.

There are some directors, however, that have constantly been able to overcome the opposition that comes with making a movie and have proven that they’re worthy of the praise they receive. With this list I wan to celebrate the 10 directors who have influenced the world of cinema the most and have consistently been the best at what they do.

As with everything that I write this list is very subjective but I have really tried to present an un-biased list of 10 of the greatest storytellers of the last 100 years…


10. Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is the only living director on this list and arguably the greatest director alive today. Every filmmaker since the 70s has been influenced by his genius in many different ways. Tarantino’s early films blend the Scorsese style gangsters with a screwball comedy aesthetic to great effect while Paul Thomas Anderson makes liberal use of the style of camerawork employed in Goodfellas and Raging Bull in his films Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

Scorsese really earns his place here because he was able to usher in new ways for highly ambitious directors to tell personal stories in the studio system. He has made an entire career out of making the types of films that he wants in an environment that typically shuns creativity for more derivative fare.

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This article was first posted on April 5, 2013