10 Most Notorious Alfred Hitchcock Urban Legends

Was one of the greatest living filmmakers really a belly button-less prank machine?

The awe reserved for Alfred Hitchcock is the kind cineastes have only for very few - Hitchcock's not just a filmmaker, he's a film god, a mythical figure revered and regularly misunderstood. And Hitchcock liked it that way - he told tall tales about himself with relish, and often neglected to correct people if they got stories about him wrong. Naturally, such a man is going to become central to a few urban legends. Like his contemporary Stanley Kubrick, Hitchcock was a heady mix of the private and the eccentric, meaning his personality almost dictated he would be the subject of wild rumour. As Hitch kept his cards close to his chest regarding both his private and professional lives, at the same time stories emerged from his film sets of some strange behaviour. It's unclear whether some of those tales are apocryphal or not, because the director worked in a time before filmmakers were contractually obligated to give interviews and clear up any odd gossip. So while Hitchcock himself confirmed certain unique traits of his, like how he had a fear of eggs and a love of blondes, there are other accounts regarding his life that are harder to ratify. Here are 10 of the most notorious urban legends regarding Alfred Hitchcock.

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