10 Most Remarkable Sci-Fi Movie Opening Scenes

The Matrix knew that first impressions really count.

Warner Bros.

Opening scenes are arguably the most important moments in an entire movie. First impressions count, after all, and if the initial 10 minutes are worthwhile then we're far more likely to actually watch a film rather than pretend we did and then slate it on the internet afterwards.

Designed to suck you straight into the action and lay out exactly what sort of tone you'll be investing in, opening scenes have got to be showers rather than growers, and that's especially true of the sprawling and unnatural worlds of the science fiction genre.

Often packed with mechanical nightmares and futuristic concepts, if we don't quite GET what's going on early on - or at least WANT to get what's going on - then there's no point sticking around to see what's going on in an hour's time, even if it is that fantastic robot smackdown, or killer laser sword fight. We need a reason to care.

In a genre riddled with phaser guns, starships, and genetically engineered monstrosities, you wouldn't think you'd have to work this hard really. Fortunately, these ten movies know exactly how to start a party, and are some of the best examples in futuristic entertainment imaginable: whether it's through gene splicing, time travel, or good old fashioned telekinetic mind powers, you're going to want to stick around for more...

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