10 Most Shocking Male Nudity Shots In Cinema History

3. Shame

Shame In an alternate reality, last year Michael Fassbender won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Shame. Unfortunately for the German born embodiment of Britishness, he didn't, but he does nab a spot in the top three of this list. A recent addition in the pantheon of penis€™ on screen, his turn as a troubled sex addict is spectacular; who€™d have thought such a disturbed character would make all the men in the audience feel inadequate. Fassbender appeared naked in director Steve McQueen€™s previous, Hunger, but that pales in comparison to what is on show here, with multiple scenes of him completely lacking in clothes. There€™s a lot of arse shots, but also a wealth of full frontal shots. With both the repetition of all these scenes and the unabashed manner with which Fassbender flaunts not-so-little-Michael, it makes Shame stand out, but not for the Academy. Shame received major awards notice across the board aside from at the Oscars, who continued their trend of not recognising McQueen, raising the question of our attitudes to male nudity fresh.

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