10 Most Terrifying Women In Horror Movies

So much for 'the fairer sex.'

The Collective

Unless you've been hiding under a rock these past few years, you can't have failed to note the surge in popular demand for greater female representation in cinema (not to mention a great many other fields).

One of the first and most vocal of such movements to emerge in the past decade has been the Women in Horror movement, calling for greater acknowledgement of female voices in horror, and greater appreciation of female contributions to the genre.

Women have of course always had a major role to play in horror cinema. While it often appears they're routinely served up as nothing more than victims-in-waiting and eye candy for lusty male audiences, studies from such academics as Carol Clover and Barbara Creed have identified that female characters are frequently the intended point of identification, rather than the male antagonists.

And of course, all of that being said, horror antagonists are not always male. There have been plenty of female monsters, murderers and mutilators on the big screen over the years, and plenty of them rank among the scariest characters in cinema. Who says there's a fairer sex...?

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