Anybody who has ever partaken in the discussion of a hypothetical situation such as this is familiar with two things: the necessity for stringent rules concerning membership choices, and how to handle long periods without sex. As for the former, rules really do control the fun so we’re going to start with a few of the fundamentals. Obviously the choices are debatable – where’s the fun if they’re not?? – but the rules are adamant:

1)      No Superheroes. It’d be way too easy simply to put Superman on the island so he can do all the difficult or menial tasks in an instant! That’s dull! We’re looking to expound on human characteristics, or as close as, in this mini-foray into the absurd.

2)      No real characters! If a character is based on a real historical person then that’s admittable. However, opting to share an island with Alexander the Great because a) he’s awesome and b) there was, albeit a terrible, film made about him by Oliver Stone, is not cricket! Fiction only!

3)      Less of a rule and more of an aim, nobody can ever guarantee that a particular group of individuals will all get on with each other but every member has to offer something to the group. This will become clearer in the course of things but, for the time being, we’ll just accept that a benevolent goal of concord amongst the members is paramount.

As was mentioned earlier, the game is moot without debate and discussion so this is very much an interactive exercise. If you think another character would better fit the social role for which they’ve been chosen then say so with gusto! Gusto and explanations, everybody loves full sentences!

OK! Preconceptions at the ready? Then let’s begin!

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This article was first posted on October 22, 2012