10 Movie Deaths That Completely Ruined You

Nothing hurts like the loss of a fictional character.

Warner Bros.

The sharp sting of death has to come for us all at some point. It's no different for creations on the big screen, with beloved characters that we've put hours into caring about getting stolen away to the other side.

Sometimes it's ceremonious, sometimes there's not even enough time to say goodbye, and sometimes it's enough to completely ruin you and swear to never trust again. Such is the power of cinema.

Choke back your sobs, prepare the tissues, and get ready for some heartbreak, as these are the most upsetting movie losses that have defined our screens over the years. It will always be too soon.

10. Castaway - Wilson

20th Century Fox

Not technically a person and not technically a death, this is the most emotionally distraught you will ever feel about a lost volleyball. Seriously.

After finding himself washed up on a desert island, Chuck Noland (a slowly more and more bedraggled Tom Hanks) discovers he's the only one alive after a plane crash over the pacific - and has to figure out a means to survive on his own. With a 'Wilson' branded volleyball the only link to civilisation he has, Chuck paints him, sticks some leafy hair on him, and has plenty of profound conversation. They even orchestrate Chuck's escape together (or as much as a Volleyball can help make up a raft considering he's very round and has no limbs).

That is, until Chuck falls asleep, Wilson rolls away, and bobs slowly out in the ocean just out of Chuck's reach. Watching Tom Hanks mentally break in response is one of the most distressing moments imaginable. WILLLSSOONN!


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