10 Movie Fanbases That Are Extremely Irritating

Fandom can be a great thing at the best of times, a means of expression for those who really enjoy a given…

Shaun Munro


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Fandom can be a great thing at the best of times, a means of expression for those who really enjoy a given film, and it provides a way to connect with others who feel similarly. That said, it can also be a horribly irritating, even poisonous notion, one which drives people to become obnoxious and defensive in favour of a particular cause, ignoring logic and simply trying to elevate themselves to a higher pedestal while berating anyone who sees things differently.

The Internet has really crowbarred this open in the last 15 years or so; with movie message boards having memberships numbering in the hundreds of thousands, fervent debate is struck up on a daily basis, usually resulting in childish arguments that leaves everyone involved looking silly. It goes without saying that film fans are a passionate bunch by nature, but sometimes this deviates too far from notions of common sense, to the point that it’s extremely annoying to observe.

Here are 10 movie fanbases that are extremely irritating…



10. Classic Disney Fanboys


What They Think: “Animation just isn’t the same anymore. Nothing will ever be as good as classic Disney.”

Ever since Toy Story hit big in 1995, the animation landscape has never been the same, and to be blunt, the traditional form of 2D animation made popular by Disney has been slowly buried ever since. The vast majority of animated films released these days are CGI as opposed to hand-drawn, and when a film using the latter style is actually released, it is something of a big deal.

This is simply evolution; creating an animated film on a computer is easier and less costly, with the new technology also allowing for plenty of clever flourishes that the hand is incapable of producing.

Still, it doesn’t stop some people from claiming that the so-called Golden Age of Animation, which saw the likes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi released under the Disney banner, is better than anything coming out today.

What these nostalgic fans forget is that most Disney films have not aged particularly well; though they still look gorgeous, the themes and particularly their potrayal of women are woefully out of date, whereas contemporary animation from Pixar tends to broach more complex themes and feature wittier dialogue, along with a more refined visual palette.