We all love a sequel, don’t we? Apparently we do, because they keep making them. Often a film that gets a sequel was successful at the box office and will get a big budget increase as well as more talent behind and in front of the camera. They’re not always good, but when they are – Godfather Part 2, Superman II, The Dark Knight – they can be amazing and sometimes even better than the first film.

Then there’s what we like to call the “cash-in” sequel. A sequel in name only, really. These days these types of films go direct-to-DVD and are often low-budget and are made to capitalise on an existing property the studio might already own and is sat around doing nothing. They’ll allocate a small budget and an unknown cast and make something that doesn’t really have anything to do with the original film, but might trick people into thinking it’s a real sequel with the same cast.

Other sequels we’ll be looking at include the nostalgia sequel – a sequel made purely because the cast and/or crew have fallen on hard times and so they return to the character/franchise that was once hugely popular, relying on audience nostalgia for the original to fill seats or sell copies.

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This article was first posted on December 12, 2013