10 Movie Sequels With Massively Improved Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Want to make a better sequel? Cast The Rock.

Universal Pictures/Emily Oberman, Throast (Wikimedia Commons)

In life, there are three inevitabilities. One, it's definitely coming home at some point. Two, if you live in England and plan a summer BBQ, it will rain on that day. And three, a good, well-received movie will get a sequel.

But what if a movie isn't so well-received? Making a followup to one of these flicks is a whole different ball game altogether. The real possibility of nobody caring about another in the series - and the chance of it losing money - makes sequel-izing a not-so-beloved movie a hugely risky move, but when it pays off, it's truly a sight to behold.

This has happened a lot throughout Hollywood history; a movie comes out and does poorly or just okay with critics (even if it's good), only for the sequel to come along and blow that reception out of the water, with the Rotten Tomatoes scores to prove it.

Some of the leaps in quality between these movies is staggering, and the review aggregator is a good place to see which sequels managed to prove this with an absolute critical storming.

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