10 Movie Sequels With Massively Improved Rotten Tomatoes Scores

10. Quantum Of Solace (65%) To Skyfall (92%)

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Score Difference: 27%

After Pierce Brosnan's cheesy, borderline parodic Bond stint came to an end, the franchise was in a bad place. The Bourne Identity had made the light-hearted spy caper look like an antique, so for 007's next major outing, the filmmakers looked to switch things up in a big way.

And switch things up they did, with the brutal, bloody and unforgiving Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's first movie as Bond and one that reaffirmed the series' place as Hollywood's premier super-spy franchise.

Sadly, direct sequel Quantum Of Solace couldn't live up to that high bar, lacking the emotional intensity, stellar villain and smoothly-filmed action Casino Royale was able to offer - Bond was in a bit of a pickle once again.

Enter director Sam Mendes and 2012's Skyfall, not only one of Craig's best Bond movies, but one of the best ever, smartly subverting genre expectations at every conceivable turn and delivering one of the best movie baddies in recent memory with Javier Bardem's Silva.

Critics heaped unanimous praise upon the film, easily besting Quantum's decent 65% Rotten Tomatoes score with an incredible 92%.

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