10 Movie Spoilers For 2018 That We Already Know

9. Solo: A Star Wars Story - The Kessel Run


The upcoming Star Wars spin-off has already had a long and storied past. Initially having lauded directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller attached, the pair were unceremoniously dropped from the project mid-production. This resulted in a frantic search for a new director, and a minor internet frenzy.

Fans, the world over, were freaking out, ready to write the whole thing off as a trainwreck.

However, shortly thereafter, veteran director Ron Howard came on board to finish the film and conduct reshoots. As an act of good faith, and a smart PR decision, Howard began tweeting pictures from the set of the film himself, with various teases about potential plot points and characters. They were fun little nods, peeling the curtain back more than usual for Lucasfilm, but not enough to reveal many major details.

With the exception of one, that is.

Howard tweeted a picture of a cave entrance, with caption, 'Spicey?'. This holds special significance for longtime fans of the series, as Han Solo rather infamously brags in the original film that the Millenium Falcon is the ship that 'made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs'. The Kessel Run is a hyperspace route that smugglers would use when moving spice from the mines on Kessel.

Recently, this fact was cemented by leaked pictures of forthcoming Lego sets that tie into the film, which listed a specific version of the Falcon as the 'Kessel Run Millenium Falcon'. So be prepared to see exactly how the man with the best hair in the galaxy pulled it off in record time.

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