The idea of franchises being rebooted might be something we’re not so keen on, but given how successful it appears to have been in films like the recent The Amazing Spider-Man, it’s just something we’re going to have to get used to, because it’s clearly not going away any time soon. There’s the hope, though, that studios will at least be sensible enough to reboot properties that need it, such as series that never really got off the ground at all, or those which have just completely lost their way in recent years.

Here are 10 movie franchises that, given the direction Hollywood is moving in, we would like to see rebooted above all else.



10. Daredevil

Daredevil is a great comic book property that was nevertheless bungled when an attempt was made to bring it to the screen in 2003. Firstly, casting Ben Affleck in the role was a mistake, surely one he’d love to forget with his current success as a director; secondly, the plot was as dull and generic as dishwater, failing to capture the violent grittiness of the source material; and finally, Elektra was more annoying than compelling as a reluctant sidekick. So what did Fox do? Joining their countless genius decisions through the years, instead of greenlighting a Daredevil sequel, they commissioned an Elektra spin-off, which tanked at the box office and remains one of comic lore’s most infamous critical failures.

Fox is trying to currently cobble together a reboot in order to stop the rights reverting to Marvel Studios, and though Joe Carnahan did submit a proof of concept to Fox a few months ago for a gritty, R-rated Daredevil reboot, they rejected it, and nothing has been heard since. It’s worthy material, so we just hope that this time, the film is as hardcore as the source material, and Fox hires a director who pays it a greater due, with a more fitting cast to boot.

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This article was first posted on November 26, 2012