10 Movies From The 2000s Already Being Remade

You know that film you love? Want to see it again?

Attack On Titan
Toho Pictures

Remakes are a strange trend. Whether it's a big budget live-action carbon copy of a Disney classic or a slightly worse remake of a sublime foreign film, Hollywood's got them all covered.

Often, these remakes justify their existence by being updated versions of their original, either to match technological advancements (like the beautiful if not flawed Aladdin remake) changing societal standards (Taraji P. Henson's What Women Want and the flipping of gender norms), or the general need to provide better roles for actors in a changing landscape (such as all-female remakes of classics).

But sometimes Hollywood remakes things for no other reason than to take a piece of the success pie, which can often otherwise be translated as money-grabbing. When remakes of films in incredibly recent memory get announced, it's easy to question the true motives behind such a move.

However, with the sheer talent behind some of these productions, there is hope for some of them yet.

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