10 Movies Made With Shockingly Low Budgets

These days, movies cost a ton of money, but sometimes an amazing film has a shockingly low budget!

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Not every Hollywood blockbuster requires $100 million or more to get made, and while the lower-budget films don't always compete with the likes of The Avengers and other high cost films, there are a few that stand apart. What makes a low-budget movie successful isn't simply a lack of funds, the movies have to be entertaining as well.

When you look back through various releases and dive into some of the ones that top the list as being some of the best movies ever made, those movie's budgets might be shocking. This doesn't include movies like Clerks, which clearly didn't cost a lot to make ($27,575), but rather, movies that look like they cost a lot to make, but didn't. Clerks was a phenomenon, but it didn't look like it was expensive to produce.

You might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite movies didn't cost nearly as much as you originally thought. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally, a filmmaker will pinch their pennies and work within their budgets to produce something truly amazing.

Given the thousands of films to choose from, there aren't too many that fit that criteria. That being said, these ten films were made with budgets that will likely shock and amaze you considering how incredibly entertaining and well made they all are.

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