10 Movies Rated Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes That Would Be Rotten If Released Today

Critics circa 2007 loved dancing Peter Parker.

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Rotten Tomatoes has come under a lot fire recently. Or, more accurately, it's got caught in the crossfire between die-hard fans and the critical body that submits their reviews to the site's basic scoring algorithm. But while it's hard to sympathise with people who make petitions to shut down aggregate sites, it certainly seems that, compared to ten years ago, critics are indeed scoring movies more harshly, evidenced by the percentage score getting awarded to new releases by the site.

Look at the X-Men movies: The Last Stand (57%) sits a almost ten points about Apocalypse (48%), even though it's hard to find anything that really differentiates the two. Both have a myriad of disconnected plots that can be left for vast stretches a time, an underdeveloped ensemble that keeps bumping into dispensable cameos and even lazily butcher the Dark Phoenix Saga. Had their release been switched, you wouldn't be surprised to see the Tomatometer rating change too.

This is far from an isolated incident. There's lots of movies that sit proud with a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes that, if they were released today would be in for a bit of a rude, Rotten awakening. It's especially prominent with superheroes and other geek properties, which have had a real shift in cultural positioning as the 21st Century's expanded, but it does stretch wider than that. Here's ten films that you can bet would be Rotten if they were released today.


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