10 Movies That Were Great Until Their Final Scene

You were doing so well...

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Nobody likes bad movies. They're boring, difficult to watch and, worse, they take up precious cultural space where much better movies could go.

There's potentially nothing more frustrating, though, than standing by a great film to the end only to find the director couldn't stick the landing. Not every great movie has the perfect ending - there are even some classics that don't entirely satisfy at the close (No Country For Old Men's anti-climactic non-showdown, for one, still manages to bother some fans).

In some instances, however, a poor or just awkwardly-fitted ending can be so detrimental to the rest of the film that it actively spoils everything you've seen before it. What faith you put into the movie and what enjoyment you had can be dashed away in an instant of bad judgement, and that great movie you were watching suddenly becomes another run-of-the-mill one.

Often, such off-kilter endings come with the filmmaker's desire to wrap things neatly up, or from studio meddling forcing the film to swerve into a different kind of movie right at the very end. When the effect is so jarring, it can make you question everything that's been before and dismiss a movie that could have been great.


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