10 Movies Too Bloated For Their Own Good

So stuffed it's a surprise they didn't burst.


Blockbuster movies just seem to be getting longer and longer, with many of them frequently testing the patience of audiences around the world. Its all well and good to have your movie run for over two hours if the story is good enough to keep people invested, but far too many big-budget studio projects these days feel like they drag on for an eternity.

The franchise model of filmmaking seems to have made it an unwritten rule that popcorn flicks need to set up sequels and drop hints about what the future holds several times over their duration, but that doesn't have to be the case. Not everything has to be mapped out several years in advance, with casting announcements and release dates for sequels frequently revealed before a project has even been released that remove any real stakes or dramatic tension from the narrative.

Some movies end up trying to incorporate so much into the space of one movie that it ultimately harms the final product, providing a lesser experience for the viewer as a result. There are few things more frustrating for a paying customer than spending money on something that is all setup and no payoff, or a movie so packed with content it becomes virtually impossible to follow, something which Hollywood has become increasingly guilty of in recent years.

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