10 Movies Too Bloated For Their Own Good

10. King Kong

Universal Pictures

It may have been necessary when it came to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but Peter Jackson's subsequent filmography has shown that the Academy Award-winning director likes his films to be long. Really long.

While The Lovely Bones and the Hobbit trilogy would have benefited hugely from a more judicious edit to trim some of the excess fat from their narratives, Jackson's remake of King Kong is by far the most serious offender. A very, very extended love letter to the 1933 classic that is almost twice as long as the original, clocking in at a butt-numbing and completely unnecessary 187 minutes.

But why?

It hits almost the exact same plot beats as before, but takes its sweet time in doing so. Epic in both the best and worst sense, the first act drags like hell before the story finally reaches Skull Island. From there, the action scenes are strong but the character moments are frequently slow and ponderous and it seems as though the director is only indulging his own love for the original movie. 2005's King Kong could easily lose 40 minutes and be a much better film as a result.

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