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If you happen to be a human person who grew up staring at a screen of some kind over the course of your childhood, it’s likely that your first ever crush probably wasn’t somebody you knew in real life – that’s to say, you saw them in the movies and, in the very essence of your being, you got a strange new feeling that felt a lot like… love?

If you’re a cinephile, that kind of dedicated attraction to fictional characters never goes away. Of course, everybody is attracted to movie stars, because they’re movie stars – that’s what’s supposed to happen and that’s why they’re considered to be some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

But for many male cinephile, it goes way beyond any of that: you’ll find that, at times, you’ve actually fallen in love with certain female characters. You start thinking, “Hey, if only I had a chance with [insert Manic Pixie Dream Girl]… why can’t life be more like that?”

Well, who’s to say you’d really want it to? Sure, those perfect movie girlfriends might talk the talk and walk the walk, but would they really make you happy? Here’s 10 seemingly wonderful fictional gals who would probably suck in real life, given you got the chance to date ‘em.

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013