10 Plot Points Wonder Woman Stole From Marvel

Steve Trevor = Steve Rogers.

Wonder Woman Captain America
Marvel Studios & Warner Bros

It didn't take long after Wonder Woman landed in cinemas for fans to wildly praise it as a major step-up for the DCEU...and also realise just how damn familiar so much of it seemed.

When something isn't working, it's not a bad idea to return to the well and cling to the formula that has worked before, and that's basically what Wonder Woman did.

It's not flippant to say that DC's latest feels more like a typical Marvel Cinematic Universe movie than what Warner Bros. has served up recently, from the lighter tone to the fact that many of its plot elements and themes feel pulled straight from the MCU, both recent and past.

Fans will need to decide for themselves whether the movie simply draws from a common pool or is straight-up plagiarising the MCU, but it's clear from the critical acclaim and box office dominance so far that most viewers don't seem to mind much...

10. A Guy Called Steve Makes A Heroic Sacrifice In A Plane

Captain America Steve Rogers Wonder Woman Steve Trevor
Marvel Studios & Warner Bros.

Let's get the big one out of the way first: Wonder Woman concludes with the heroic Steve Trevor sacrificing himself in order to destroy a plane containing weapons of mass destruction that are planned to be unleashed on London. Sound familiar?

Almost the exact same thing happens at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, where Steve Rogers crashes Red Skull's plane into the Arctic in order to stop its weapons being used on numerous cities around the world. Unlike Trevor, however, he's merely put on ice and thawed out 70 years later.

The similarities between the two characters don't even end there: they're both in the Army, both ride motorcycles, both fight Germans in a World War, and they're both played by actors name Chris. Spooky.


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