10 Popular Movie Fan Theories Debunked By The Creators

Nothing but wishful thinking.

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Who doesn't love a good fan theory? As a film fan there isn't much more fun than scouring the Internet for brain-breaking theories about your favourite movies, from the crackpot insane to the oddly plausible.

And though filmmakers often allow these theories to flourish to encourage continued discussion about their movies, every so often a writer, director or producer might chime in to put fans out of their misery.

Fans cobbled together theories for these 10 movies that, for better or worse, picked up traction online yet were eventually rubbished by one of the major creative forces behind said movie.

And while fans are always free to invoke a little Death of the Author and keep their theories alive in their own head-canon, the Word of God has nevertheless spoken and plainly invalidated them.

As much as you might want to believe some of these theories - while others are just impressive in their insanity - it appears that the truth lies elsewhere...


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