10 Predictions For 2018's Most Iconic Movie Deaths

1. Atlanna - Aquaman

Aquaman Atlanna Nicole Kidman
dc Comics

Nicole Kidman will appear as Aquaman's (Jason Momoa) mother Atlanna in the Atlantean's upcoming solo movie, and what better way for Arthur Curry's villainous half-brother Orm Marious (Patrick Wilson) to get under the superhero's skin than by offing his own mother?

There's a precedent for this in the New 52 comic reboot, so it'd make a lot of sense, and obviously give the movie an enormous added injection of emotion. With an actress of Kidman's calibre in the part, you know she's going to make the most of it, so the death scene and Arthur's response to it should help further develop Aquaman as more than just "a guy who can talk to fish".

Given that the movie is clearly going to dabble in Shakespearean drama, there's no way the end credits are rolling with both of Aquaman's parents alive and well, that's for sure.

What are your own predictions for 2018's most iconic movie deaths? Shout them out in the comments!

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