10 Reasons Critics Are Calling Interstellar A Disappointment

Did it ever have a chance of living up to the hype?

The much-discussed review embargo on Christopher Nolan's latest blockbuster Interstellar finally lifted on Monday, bringing forth a tidal wave of critical impressions of the film, which were decidedly more mixed than most of Nolan's fans or general movie commentators were expecting. After bottoming out at around 64% earlier in the week, the Matthew McConaughey-starring sci-fi flick currently sits at 70% with a 7.2 average after 27 reviews, putting it dangerously close to the score that Ridley Scott's divisive Prometheus eventually leveled out to (73% with a 6.9 average). In fairness, though, even the negative reviews for Interstellar praise Nolan's cavalier attempt to tell such an insanely ambitious story, as well as the jaw-dropping visuals, which apparently absolutely must be seen on an IMAX screen. Still, even though the so-called "Nolanites" might not like it, a flawed film is a flawed film, and short of a miracle upswing in reviews over the next week, Interstellar is likely to be remembered as one of Nolan's less-beloved efforts, even though it'll probably end up with a strong quarter of defenders and make $700-800 million regardless. Is Interstellar Christopher Nolan's best shot for Oscar recognition? Sad as it is to say, absolutely not: the movie will, however, be under heavy consideration for a glut of technical awards. Nevertheless, here are what critics have been disappointed with in Nolan's latest epic. And don't worry, spoilers will be kept to a minimum.

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