10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

5. The Animation Itself Is WAAAAYYYY Better

Animation is an art form. Animators use drawings, or in this case computer models, to create movement, action, and emotion in the images they create. It's the actual 'acting' in a cartoon, only the 'performers' are comprised of pixels and ink, as opposed to flesh and blood. Sadly, the art of animation is usually lost on the average movie goer, but if you take the time to really watch and study the movement of the characters, their facial expressions, the timing of sight gags, etc... There can be no question which of these movies has better animation. There are standout moments throughout Tangled: the extreme poses and snappiness of the animation is so much more engaging and appealing to Frozen's more subdued movements. The way Rapunzel uses her hair as almost as extra appendage is incredibly impressive in both how it was conceived and its execution. Nothing in Frozen even comes close, and though people will talk endlessly about the wonderful aesthetic of the film, and how nicely designed the characters might be, the film is missing those flourishes and technically impressive details that make Tangled the superior of the two animations.

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