10 Reasons Movies Aren’t as Cool as They Used to Be

What is the future for movies if these trends are to continue?

Jeff Morgans


Movies have certainly come along way. From silent films to 3d, our advance in technology has allowed us to continue to improve are quality of movie and the movie going experience. However, sometimes things shouldn’t be changed or added, and by doing this you ruin something that was a lot more special in the first place.

10. 3D

The generally consensus for a great movie is an interesting and compelling story that draws audience’s attention and a cast that can bring the characters to life. Some directors missed that memo completely, and try everything from 3D to overdoing the CGI. That wrecks the entire movie, and when you remove all the explosions and animation there wasn’t much of a story to begin with.

Not to say we don’t need 3D, I just think they should be reserved for projects like Avatar, where it can enhance the experience. Movies that overuse 3D are usually ones that try to work it cleverly into the title. (Piranha 3dd)  Let’s just be honest, some movies don’t make a hell of a difference whether it’s 3d or 2d. The only 3d scene I can remember actually making me flinch is when Captain America shot his shield and it bounced  off the wall and then came at the screen.

I also don’t like wearing those damn glasses in theatre, as the sith lord Darth Vader said “Just for once… let me… look on you with my own eyes.”