10 Reasons Why 2016's Blockbuster Season Sucked

No, not because the Ghostbusters were women.

2016 Bad Summer

The dust has officially settled on the 2016 blockbuster season, with Hollywood's big-budget output taking a backseat to award-baiting prestige pictures over the next few months. So what better time to look back on this year's crop of big-budget crowd-pleasers?

Disney relentlessly continued their quest for total and utter world domination, with the year's four highest-grossing movies all coming from the Mouse House, leaving the competition in the dust. And to think, the studio still as Doctor Strange, Moana and Rogue One to come by the end of the year. Good luck, everyone else!

Elsewhere, it has been a frustratingly familiar year for audiences at the multiplex. The annual deluge of sequels, comic book movies, animated features and reboots delivered disappointingly little in the way of surprises, with an alarmingly large number of big-budget releases being greeted by a shrug of the shoulders as opposed to a round of applause.

Fine, let's just say it; this year's blockbuster season was pretty awful. Not the worst ever, but not great by any means. Don't believe me? Then read on and decide for yourself...


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