10 Reasons You're Wrong About Venom

Do we really need to take Tom Hardy's new film so seriously?

Venom Rotten Tomatoes
Sony/Rotten Tomatoes

Spooky season is here folks, but the real horror on display currently isn't a creepily disguised, knife-wielding maniac, or even the spirit of a nun. No, the real horror currently unfolding this month is the critical reception to Sony's Venom, the first in the studio's series of Spider-Man spin-offs that, however unnecessary they might be, shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

Take a glance online, and a consensus regarding the film appears to have been built. Moviegoers have compared it to Catwoman (yes, that Catwoman), and have even dubbed it a "complete failure", but, having emerged from Venom today, one can't help but feel as though the negative response is slightly unjustified. It's not a spectacular film by any means, but it is entertaining, providing an enjoyable experience that, while unlikely to draw comparisons with the very best the superhero genre has to offer, is nowhere near as bad as its Rotten Tomatoes average would intimate.

There are plenty of things to like about Venom, and while it might not be the film fans had expected, it's one worth watching all the same - regardless of the reputation it's accrued online.

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