10 Ridiculously Overused Movie Sound Effects

5. The Howie Scream

My all-time favourite Hollywood sound effect is the so-called Howie Scream, also referred to as the "Yoouraaaaagh" scream, owing to the bizarrely high-pitched, distended scream let out by the "artist". The sound is a more extreme version of the Wilhelm Scream, usually used when someone is falling a considerable distance, due to the drawn out nature of the scream. It has been used in Broken Arrow, Face/Off, Last Action Hero, The Basketball Diaries, and Serial Mom, among countless other movies. It's one overused effect that I nevertheless wish would be used a little more in place of the Wilhelm Scream, as the Howie hasn't quite yet penetrated the cultural consciousness in the same way, and still amuses when it appears.
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