Clowns – if you are one of them people that actually enjoy them prancing around with those huge, fake painted smiles then you really should watch these films to re-evaluate your standing on the matter.

Over the years there have been a plethora of horror movies completely dedicated to these creepy entertainers. I may get some degree of abuse from this but after watching the majority of these movies I have resorted to sleeping with my bedroom light on for a day or two afterwards. These clowns can take many guises, from demonic entities, aliens or your bog standard, deranged, psychopathic killers.

Here we count down the 10 scariest horror movie clowns to have graced our screens over the years…and if your curiosity takes the better of you and you do decide to watch one of these films, WhatCulture cannot be held liable for lack of sleep or an onset of Coulrophobia.

10. Horny the Clown- Drive Thru


His name may evoke some giggles but Horny himself is no laughing matter.

He is the mascot of the aptly named Hella Burger and takes the Freddy Krueger approach as a vengeful spirit who stalks down his murderer’s kids in order to enact his revenge. He leaves a “hella” big trail of gore throughout the town before being confronted head on at Hella Burger- where it all began.

This guy is downright scary due to the fact he is a vengeful spirit…in clown form. Roland McDonald eat your heart out.

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This article was first posted on February 7, 2013