10 Scrapped Horror Movie Sequels Much Better Than What We Got

The best ideas don't always make it.

20th Century Fox

In Hollywood, sequels are the rule rather than the exception. If a film connects with audiences and makes money it’s pretty much guaranteed to have a follow-up. And thanks to lower budgets, marketable villains and the genre’s rabid fan base, nowhere else is this practice more prevalent than in the world of horror.

But a successful scary movie is a double-edged sword with many filmmakers finding themselves backed into a corner as their creations become popular. A fight takes place with studios and producers on one side expecting a box office haul greater than or at least equal to the previous installment and on the other? The artistic drive within those behind the scenes trying to come up with something different and something that justifies expanding the story.

More often than not, the money men win the day. It's not surprising: after all, without them, there’s no movie. Creativity dies to make way for the safe and familiar, leaving a battlefield littered with rejected ideas and coated in the tears of fans everywhere left dreaming of the unrealized possibilities and what might have been.

And when those abandoned projects come to light, it's inevitable that some of them end up looking like far better options than what we actually got...


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