10 Seriously Secret Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

1. Pizza Planet Truck - Brave


This is a Witches' cabin absolutely jammed-packed with Easter eggs, apparently, as witnessed by the little wooden truck that she has immaculately carved on her table top. Look familiar, Pixar fan? It's the now infamous Pizza Planet delivery truck that Woody and Buzz hitched a ride in at one point during the original Toy Story. Whereas Buzz nicely positions himself in the front seat (seatbelt and all), Woody makes the mistake of jumping in the back, and ends up getting thrown about like... well, like a cowboy doll in the back of a truck, basically.

Anyway, this Witch apparently possesses a seriously awesome knowledge of future events, given that trucks and pizza delivery are a long way from Brave's medieval castles and beautiful, untouched pastures.

Which super secret Pixar Easter eggs have we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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