10 Slasher Villains With The Highest Body Counts

9. The Candyman - CandymanTFilm Appearances: 3Kill Count: 22 Admit it, after watching this film you thought you would live life on the edge and chant Candyman in the mirror three times, and after- fear for your life. Tony Todd was the slave turned immortal killer who gave everyone a phobia of their bathroom mirrors while rocking a pretty snazzy trench coat, cutting through people with his hook hand and unleashing a lot of bees from under said trench coat. It turns out he ended up as a mythical urban legend by falling in love with his plantation owner's daughter- after he commissioned him to paint her portrait. A love affair followed and when they got found out, the Candyman was hunted down by a lynch mob, his hand cut off and then covered in honey to be stung by countless bees.
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