10 Star Wars Retcons So Dumb That It Actually Hurt


Chris McKittrick


Star Wars C3po Anakin
20th Century Fox

While it isn’t uncommon for a creator of a fictional universe to change something that was already distinctly established – known as retroactive continuity, or “retcon” – Star Wars might be the most retconned fictional universe. George Lucas began tinkering with the Star Wars movies as early as the 1981 re-release of the original Star Wars when “Episode IV – A New Hope” was added to the opening crawl. What makes Star Wars different is that not only has Lucas contradicted his previous work, but in many cases he has actually “revised” his original films in order to adhere to the new concepts and insisted the original concepts – which fans have loved for decades – were “mistakes.”

These changes wouldn’t be so bad if they were simply cosmetic. But with the release of the Prequel Trilogy, starting with 1999’s Phantom Menace, Lucas contradicted a number of aspects of the Original Trilogy. Some of these he has tried to “fix” by further tinkering with the Original Trilogy, but others stand out as obvious mistakes that are not consistent between the two trilogies without convoluted explanations. In addition, there are other ill-conceived changes, and many of the millions of people who love Star Wars pull their hair out over Lucas’ efforts to “fix” things that weren’t broken in the first place.

Take a look at this madness-inducing list of 10 of the dumbest retcons made to the Star Wars movies…