10 Strange Plot Holes From Famous Movies (That Rarely Get Mentioned)

There are few things that take someone out of a film quite like a plot hole. A plot hole makes…

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011 There are few things that take someone out of a film quite like a plot hole. A plot hole makes the whole film feel a little less real and is unfortunately one of the the easier flaws to spot in a movie. Almost every movie has plot holes, as any time you construct any sort of fictional narrative, something will be overlooked or forgotten, although the significance of a plot hole obviously varies depending on what it is. Some of the biggest films of all time have multiple plot holes and the entries on this list come from some of the most popular movies of all time. For this list I tried to find plot holes that, for whatever reason, aren’t mentioned as much as some other plot holes from the same films. Even though I like all these films and enjoy watching them, most of these are pretty unforgivable, even if they aren’t mentioned all that much.

10. Why Didn’t They Blame The Joker For Harvey Dent’s Murder Spree? – The Dark Knight

the dark knight card Despite being one of the most successful and acclaimed mainstream films of recent years, The Dark Knight is strangely littered with plot holes ranging from how an American plane was allowed to fly over Hong Kong without getting shot down, to how there happened to be all those school buses at the opening bank robbery. The plot hole that almost never gets mentioned, however, is why do Batman and Commissioner Gordon insist that Batman take the fall for Harvey Dent’s murders when they already have a perfect scapegoat for the crimes in The Joker? Maybe I’m forgetting a crucial part of the plot but I don’t see any reason why The Joker, or at least one of his cronies, couldn’t have been blamed for the crimes, as there’s no reason anyone in the city wouldn’t believe it or at least wouldn’t want to believe it. The Joker’s already killed the police chief, a judge, tried to kill the mayor, and already nearly killed Dent once, so it’s not like it would seem unrealistic for him to try again, or have had someone else do it.