Superman Red Son

Although Marvel currently rules the superhero cinema landscape with their stable of superheroes, DC keeps pumping out animated feature films based on popular graphic novels or storylines from the comics. Most, such as Batman: Under The Red Hood or Superman vs. The Elite, have been fairly loose adaptations of the source material while some others have been direct or close to direct adaptations, the most notable probably being Batman: Year One. With next year’s slate of animated features already set, being Justice League: War, Son of Batman and Batman: Arkham Assualt, perhaps it is time to start speculating on what 2015′s features will bring.

Considering 2015 is the highly anticipated Batman/Superman film, no doubt DC will once again piggyback off that film to promote one or more of their new animated features.

WhatCulture writer James Garcia wrote an article a few weeks ago titled 10 Batman Stories That Should Be Adapted Into Animated Films. He named some very good Batman stories that would make great animated features and inspired me to write my own piece regarding Superman, having wide range of stories to choose from that would make great animated features. In fact, many of these stories would make great full-length features themselves, but this piece will focus strictly on adapting these stories into animation.

Without further ado, here are my 10 picks for what Superman stories should be adapted into an animated feature.

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This article was first posted on October 19, 2013