10 Terrible Movies That Cost Way More Than They Needed To

10. Justice League $300-$350m

Warner Bros.

Depending on who you believe, Justice League may very well be the most expensive comic book movie ever made, with the extensive Joss Whedon-helmed reshoots rumored to push the budget as high as $350m.

Based solely on the eye-watering amount of money spent on making the thing, as well as the disappointing box office performance that actually saw the movie make a loss for the studio, it would be fair to say that DC's superhero epic wasn't really worth the massive investment.

If the production wasn't so chaotic (the reshoots were finally completed just two months before release), then there's every chance that the creative team could have made the movie twice as good for $100m cheaper. Instead, we got one of the worst blockbuster villains in recent memory, incredibly ropey CGI, wild tonal shifts and Henry Cavill's now-legendary digitally-removed mustache.

A crushing disappointment to many fans, Justice League showed that simply throwing money at a movie in danger of going off the rails isn't always the smartest solution, with the end result turning out to be the lowest-grossing entry in the DCEU to date.


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