10 Terrible Star Wars Ideas That Nearly Happened

More like BROba Fett, eh?!

Darth Vader Boba Fett Brothers

Star Wars is perhaps the greatest franchise in cinema history, built on the ideas of George Lucas and made possible by him and his talented team.

And yet, for all its wonder, there have been a few mistakes in there. You don't reach 40 without a few regrets, after all.

Most of these have been courtesy of Lucas himself, who constantly meddled with his own creation, leading to a raft of changes big and small in the Original Trilogy, and then the much-maligned prequels.

Now, in the Disney-owned era, we're seeing Lucasfilm make some mistakes of their own too. With Colin Trevorrow leaving, three hotshot directors have been hired and subsequently fired by Kathleen Kennedy, while a fourth - Gareth Edwards - was nudged to one side.

But for every bad decision that did happen (even if they've since been rectified), there are lots more that came horribly close to occurring (Han Solo dying in Return of The Jedi might've worked; Michael Jackson appearing in The Phantom Menace definitely wouldn't have). Thankfully, on such occasions, Lucasfilm had a bad feeling and actually listened to it.

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