10 Terrifying Horror Films That Exploit Your Everyday Fears

Michael Fassbender taught us teenagers are f*cking terrifying.

It€™s easy enough to get a jump out of an audience €“ after all, that€™s simply a matter of timing. Take a beat, take another beat, take yet another beat and€ Bang! The cinemagoers have lurched in their seats, shared an awkward, embarrassed titter amongst themselves and there you have it. Horror: done. But what is it that€™s different about those movies that stick with you long after you€™ve finished watching them? The ones that follow you home, sit next to you on the bus and then climb into bed with you? More often than not, these are the films that don€™t simply rely on jump-scares and gore to unnerve their audience but take a slightly different route. Yes, blood and guts can be plenty scary when done right, but to engender the sort of fear that sticks around long enough that it should be paying bills means preying on human emotion, on real human fears beyond the visceral €˜I€™m afraid of someone tearing my throat out.€™ Here are ten films that crawl under your skin and pull at your nerve-endings for very legitimate reasons.


Jen is an actor, writer and clown, living and working in London.