10 Things Nobody Wants To See In Indiana Jones 5

Obvious casting is obvious.

Indiana Jones 5 Chris Pratt.jpg

Just recently the shock news dropped that nobody ever actually expected to hear: Indiana Jones 5 is definitely happening, and it's hitting cinemas on July 19, 2019. Not only that, but Harrison Ford will be back playing the title hero, Steven Spielberg is directing, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's David Koepp will handle the script, with zero involvement from George Lucas (who gets a mere "characters" credit for the first time in the series).

After 2008's Crystal Skull rubbed a ton of fans up the wrong way, they're hoping that a fifth film could essentially be an apology for that and do what Rocky Balboa did for Sylvester Stallone's mammoth boxing franchise: course-correct the series and give the title character a more graceful final bow.

It goes without saying that audiences will flock to the film whether it's great or terrible, and at this point, this is very much a movie that could go either way. As a handy guide, though, here's 10 things we really, really don't want to see show up in Indy 5...


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