10 More Worthwhile Things The Margaret Thatcher Funeral Could Have Funded


Well, love her or hate her, the Margaret Thatcher funeral is behind us now, and even the most ardent Thatcher supports might be keen to sniff at the fact that an estimated £10 million was spent on her funeral. As I watched the funeral unfold on TV, I thought to myself, "aren't there a lot of better ways this could be spent?" Of course, the first thought might be to subsidise local councils that are struggling or something, but not for me. All I was thinking about was how that money could have been appropriated in the good name of entertainment, and how I would have much preferred the £10m being pumped into revitalising a dead TV show or a video game sequel I always wanted to play. In the interest of pure selfishness, here are 10 things the Thatcher funeral could have funded...

10. Nicolas Cage's Tax Bill

Nicolas Cage It broke recently that Nicolas Cage settled roughly $6.25m of his tax debt, leaving a whopping $7m still owed to the IRS, meaning he will have to continue to star in glorified straight-to-video action movies and National Treasure sequels for the foreseeable future. The British government, however, in foregoing the enormous cost afforded to Thatcher, could have channeled the funds directly into Nic Cage's bank account and saved us all a lot of cinematic distress. Hell, the £10m would leave a few million pounds leftover that could then be put to some actual use, like building a library for a school or something. Imagine that; Nic Cage starts starring in good movies again, and kids learn to read - it could have happened. Instead we have to put up with Cage trying to extricate himself from this financial mess for the foreseeable future.
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