10 Things We Learned About Cinema In 2017

10. Horror Is Still Hugely Profitable

Warner Bros.

In an era where studio movies are becoming more and more expensive to the tune of $200m and above, the horror genre has continued to prove that you don't need to break the bank in order to reap the rewards at the box office. No matter what the current trends are in cinema, audiences will always enjoy getting the sh*t scared out of them.

2017 was another hugely successful year for horror, once again demonstrating the wide-reaching appeal of what has become a relatively critic-proof genre. Even if a movie has terrible reviews, audiences looking to be terrified will still usually show up on opening weekend.

Not that last year wasn't without its critical darlings; IT became a cultural phenomenon as it racked up almost $700m worldwide on its way to becoming the highest-grossing horror movie of all time, while Get Out not only earned over fifty times its budget in theaters but is now a genuine awards contender.

Annabelle: Creation, Split, Happy Death Day and Jigsaw all recouped their production costs at least ten times over at the box office in what was another banner year for horror at the multiplex. A low-cost, high-reward method of filmmaking that is almost guaranteed to put butts in seats, it may just be the most profitable genre in the entire industry.

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