10 Things You Didn't Know About Jaws

10. Fidel Castro Considered Jaws a Marxist Masterpiece

It€™s easy to be surprised when the favourite film of a famous celebrity or historical figure is revealed. For example, who€™d have thunk it that Elvis Presley was a huge Monty Python fan. An old VHS cassette of Monty Python and the Holy Grail was reportedly one of his most prised possessions at Graceland. Equally weird, it€™s alleged that Adolf Hitler was swept away by the magic of Walt Disney€™s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Perhaps weirdest of all, is that Fidel Castro loved the films of Steven Spielberg, with Jaws in particular being one of his favourite films. His reasons for enjoying Jaws are a little different to what you might expect. You see Castro wasn€™t particularly big on Spielberg€™s masterful direction, or its perfect cast, the iconic score, or even the fact that there€™s a giant shark eating people. Nope, Castro considered Jaws a masterpiece of Marxist propaganda - concluding that the Shark is attacking the excesses of American culture and capitalism. There€™s been so many interpretations of Jaws over the years (critic Mark Kermode famously refers to it as a film about infidelity) so Castro€™s take is as welcome as any€. Providing you€™re not already happy with it being about a giant shark. ____________ Jaws is re-released in selected cinemas today. You can read our re-release review here; Jaws Review: The Inaugural Blockbuster Remains A Classic

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