10 Things You Need To Know About Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4

Starring John Malkovich as Vulture! And Anne Hathaway as...Vulturess?

Sony Pictures

Spider-Man may now be safe at home with Marvel (who have shared custody of the franchise with Sony), but things haven't been as bright for the webslinger recently.

According to leaked internal emails, before grovelling to Disney Sony were considered everything from an animated Spider-Man film from LEGO Movie director Phil Lord and Chris Miller to an Aunt May spinoff. Perhaps the most surprising plan they had, though, involved Sam Raimi.

Which is surprising, because Raimi leaving the series after his disastrous third Spider-Man is what kick-started the €œAmazing€ reboot, which in turn led to such drastic measures. Then again, Spider-Man 2 remains the most prosperous in terms of returns and reviews.

Would a fourth Raimi film have worked, however? Maybe not, since he was working on a fourth film when he got the boot from the franchise. Or did he quit? And how close would it have been to the reboot? It's a strange, mysterious project, and here's ten things you need to know about Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4.


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