10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Cinephile

So, it seems that super hunky fella or that totally choice lady has caught your eye. Well, first let’s step…

Cameron Carpenter


So, it seems that super hunky fella or that totally choice lady has caught your eye. Well, first let’s step out of the 1950s, and next, let’s hone in on what you feel might be a problem. It seems your hopeful significant other is, in fact, a self-proclaimed cinephile. They’re movie obsessed. They’ve seen more frames of footage than you’ve drawn breath. They know more movie scripts line-for-line than you even do words. They are intimidating, because they’re wanting to bring you into this world of celluloid.

Don’t panic. Cinephiles aren’t all that bad, but it’s important to remember they certainly aren’t perfect. They’re open to a complete world of cinema, which means that they’re probably pretty open-minded about…well, anything. They’re probably pretty-well versed, but could possibly be a bit socially awkward. Below are some things that you can sort of expect from the likes of a cinephile. Some good, some bad, and some fairly universal.

Good luck on your first date and prospective relationship! Just remember…

10. We Don’t Make Out in the Theater

The idea of smacking your lips around with our own is a foreign concept when the lights dim and the projector starts up. It’s not that we find our dates unattractive or repugnant; it’s simply that we didn’t come see a movie to ignore it, no matter what the movie is. Even if we’re not into the film itself, it’s entirely possible that we might feel guilty if we don’t actually sit there and watch it. You might try and fool us by buying us tickets to see the new¬†Ice Age, but I can assure you that you’ll be greatly disappointed if you go in expecting to get some action and come out learning about which scenes had un-rendered animation.

The theater is a place of respect. Like the religious with church, theater is where patrons come to adorn the work created and crafted for us, and dammit, we’re going to adorn and respect it even if it’s complete croshwaddle. That’s not to say we’ll enjoy the picture. Hey, we might even be so bored or disgusted by its contents that we walk out. But while we’re in there, you would do well to keep your lips to yourself. In our minds, there’s nothing romantic about traveling to a public location, sitting in a room with an enormous, lit-up screen, and ruining the theater experience for others by playing a game of tongue-choke.

Just let us mosey about in our natural habitat for two hours, then you can take us home and listen to us talk about the film for another two hours.