A trend has been cutting through Hollywood in recent years, a tendency for greedy movie studios to adapt as many properties as they can get their grubby, money hungry little hands on. Whether it’s comic book franchises – easily the most profitable of the lot – or video games, toys, even board games, there’s seemingly no cap on Hollywood’s obsession with adapting every possible (and impossible) property into a ridiculous movie.

While these projects come and go depending on their viability in the cinematic medium, here are 10 projects that have been lingering around for years and aren’t showing any signs of going away. Here are 10 movies so ridiculous that they by all usual logic should not become movies, and with just a few exceptions, they will surely become blights on cinema’s good name…



10. Rollercoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon

What Is It?: The world-famous amusement park construction simulator video game, which allowed players the ability to build and operate their own theme parks, with hilarious and freakishly addictive results.

And It’s Weird Because…?: Adapting Resident Evil makes sense. Adapting Metal Gear Solid makes sense. These are both video game franchises with a rich history and plenty of characters to draw from, but Rollercoaster Tycoon doesn’t have a story beyond you spending exorbitant amounts of money building a park and then likely running it into the ground – how this can become a movie in anyone’s right mind?

Nevertheless, Sony Pictures Animation picked up the rights, while Harald Zwart (Agent Cody Banks, The Karate Kid remake) has been circling the director’s chair for some time, and tipped writers are David Ronn and Jay Scherick (Norbit, Zookeeper, The Smurfs). The film will apparently combine live action and CGI, yet still, we’re going to start adapting sims now? Whatever next – Garbage Truck Simulator: The Movie?

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This article was first posted on July 17, 2013