10 Tired Film Franchises That Desperately Need A Break

"A break" being like a decade.

Warner Bros.

Sequels and reboots are the bread and butter of tinsel town, and if anything, Hollywood's reliance on them has only grown more obvious in the past decade.

Amidst the massive, enduring success of interconnected mega-franchises such as the MCU or Star Wars, everyone wants their own slice of the pie. To that end, we've seen one embarrassing attempt after another, as studios mine their collective coffers to see what's worth resurrecting - often to disastrous results *cough* the Dark Universe *cough*.

Whereas the golden standard used to be locking in a trilogy, now the door has been well-and-truly kicked in for franchises to run much, much longer. Marvel themselves are seventeen films deep at this point, and showing no signs of slowing down.

As a direct result of all this, it truly seems that any IP every worth anything has been dredged up over the past few years and given a fresh coat of paint. Still, in a world where franchises refuse to die, some most definitely should.

Or at least, take a long, long break...


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