10 Tiresome Actors Who’ve Done Nothing New In The Last Ten Years


What€™s worse as an actor; to crumble after a couple of ill chosen projects, reduced to straight-to-DVD purgatory, or stick around long after they€™re wanted and become tiresome? I've looked at the former before and while I pitied the likes of Brandon Routh and Jake Lloyd, writing about the latter makes me actually begin to dislike the actors.

We€™re dealing with a movie industry where the franchise is king and yet the media so often puts stock on the ability for an actor to draw in the crowds. While having a big name on the poster is important, the impact of it on box office is becoming increasingly lessened, particularly with the older, showy generation. That€™s why Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender are succeeding while Taylor Kitsch and Sam Worthington (much more traditional stars) are on the fast train to has-been-ville.

You get some actors who evolve with time, having a career defined by their versatility €“ Leonardo DiCaprio is a man hard to pin down in one type (other than greatness) and Liam Neeson certainly deserves a mention for his backward trajectory, starting out in Oscar winning films and then moving into mindless (but still entertaining) action €“ but it€™s sadly more common to see an actor purposely get themselves stuck in rut.

Here are ten actors who I'm now more than a little bored of in their current career paths. They have real potential to be something greater €“ many have the odd film that shows what could be €“ yet they keep returning to the same old tat. Warning: expect actors who've not changed at all in the past decade.

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