Pulp Fiction

Crime is a major component of many film genres; it can be played dead seriously in a visceral thriller, or it can be played for laughs equally easily - the tell is usually in how the criminals conduct themselves, and in these 10 films, the criminals were nothing if not completely useless at their “jobs”.

Whether tainted by greed or simply being doomed from the outset by a bone-headed plan, these criminals, whether teams or individuals, had ambitious plans, none of which went down as they expected, often resulting in a torrent of mayhem, and even death.

Here are 10 criminals who just didn’t have a clue what they were getting themselves into; 10 criminals who were utterly lost and completely inept…



10. Everyone – Pulp Fiction


Here’s a movie in which it is impossible to single out just one dumbass criminal, because practically everybody in it makes awful decisions, as is probably more reflective of reality, let’s be honest. Firstly, you’ve got the associates of Marcellus Wallace, who are caught by Vincent and Jules while eating their breakfast, having just ripped Wallace off.

Then there’s Vincent shooting Marvin in the head after Jules appears to drive over a speed-bump, and Butch, who returns to the first place the mob would search for him – his home – and promptly ends up having to murder Vincent.

Then there’s Ringo and Honey Bunny, who are openly discussing their plan to rob the diner while sitting in the diner, with Jules and Vincent sitting mere tables away, who end up stopping the damn thing. If nothing else, Pulp Fiction is a testament to the fact that watching people spectacularly screw up is usually much more entertaining than seeing them succeed.

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This article was first posted on June 19, 2013